I don’t know when anyone will actually read this, but if you do, here are things well worth reading:

  • Kevin at Biblicalia has three posts in which he reports in a fair amount of detail on the retreat which Metropolitan Kallistos Ware preached in his parish. They certainly present a depth of understanding of basic Christian teaching in a refreshingly life-giving way. This is of course what one would expect from someone of Metropolitan Kallistos’ stature.
  • Byron at Nothing new under the sun has a long quote from Bonhoeffer’s Life Together. I must confess that although I read a lot of Bonhoeffer about twenty years ago and have a great respect for him, I never actually read Life Together. I’ve been meaning to do so for the last few years – its not long after all! – as whenever I encounter things from it it is obvious that he knows what he is talking about! This is what community life is all about!

If this works it will also mean that I have worked out how to link to posts, although there is probably an easier way of doing it than all this cutting and pasting!