Prior Peter of Daily Bread, which is the only monastic blog that I’m aware of that provides serious – and sometimes quite provocative – theological reflections, is busy with an Easter series on Mystagogy (Mystagogy, Mystagogy Beta, Mystagogy GammaMystagogia Delta and there are hopefully more to come)  in which he explores our being taken up in the Mystery of Christ and transformed 

morphing from glory to glory, deepening our love for God, broadening our love for the Church and the world. To stand still or ‘coast’ in our discipleship might not immediately manifest itself as going backward or falling away, but when we serve a dynamic God and the Lord of History, why should we wish to settle for simple prerequisites?

These are reflections that are well worth reading, if only because they situate this process of transformation not in an abstract “mysticism” (a topic that I might return to again!) but in the liturgical life of the Church.

[Correction to the first line above: It has now become apparent that the anonymous Felix Culpa of Ora et Labora is also a monastic. And of course it was always apparent that he provides serious theological reflections.]