I really wasn’t going to get involved in commenting on episcopal elections in another Church on the other side of the world, despite the fact that having recently read/listened to Abbot / Bishop / Metropolitan Jonah Paffhausen, the news of his election as Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in America (after a couple of weeks as bishop) meant more than it might otherwise have done. But I have just listened to his address to the OCA’s Church council and, well, wow! He addresses situations of corruption and scandal with absolute bluntness but manages to be even more direct about what Christian leadership and authority is about – indeed what the Gospel is all about. This is applicable not just to the fairly specific Orthodox context he is discussing, but to all Churches and might be particularly appropriate for Catholics. It is well worth listening to.

There is quotable stuff here, but I don’t have time to transcribe any of it now. If anyone knows of a transcipt, I’d be interested.

Hat tip to Father Gregory Jensen of Koinonia.