To avoid dissipation of the heart, refrain as much as you can from going abroad at all. …

If, then, it would happen that circumstances force you to leave your cell and go abroad, arm yourself with the breastplate of the fear of God, clasp in your hand the love of Christ, and repulse with all continency the attacks of sensual pleasure. As soon as your business is completed take your departure without delay and return on swift wing like a guileless dove going back to the ark which sent you forth, bearing the mercies of Christ on your lips, thus silencing interior protests and persuading yourself that saving tranquillity cannot be secured in any other place.

Saint Basil the Great, “On Renunciation of the World” in Saint Basil. Ascetical Works. Translated by Sister M. Monica Wagner, C.S.C. (New York: Fathers of the Church, Inc., 1950) 22, 23.