A couple of things that may be of interest to others:

  • I have just discovered the Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Archive, which is an absolutely wonderful resource providing texts, photos, audio and video materials of Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom). I haven’t had a chance to look at too much of it yet – and am slightly disappointed that I don’t seem able to download audio files to listen to when offline – but it looks like a very worthwhile place to spend more time.
  • I’ve added a few blogs to my blogroll recently. To be honest, I’ve been debating what to do about my blogroll and so haven’t added much new. But yesterday I discovered Father David Abernethy’s new blog Philokalia (thanks to a link from The Way of the Fathers) which I just had to include and mention to others. Father Abernethy is a Catholic, an Oratorian and an “Academic Candidate in Freudian Psychoanalysis,” who is writing on the Philokalia – which could well make for very worthwhile reading…