By Frumentius the frog

Anybody who knows anything about the Desert Fathers – and I presume that that includes most readers of this blog – knows that their holiness had brought them to such harmony with the created world that they lived in great friendship with wild animals. There is Saint Gerasimos who tamed a lion, Saint Pachomius who rode a crocodile, Saint Paul who was fed by a raven and had lions dig his grave, and many others. However, if the Resident Alien had had any illusions that living in a tent and making prayer ropes was enough to make her holy and return her to the state of paradise experienced by those early desert dwellers, she has been rudely disabused of this naive belief. She thinks that we are afraid of her.

Of course, it cannot be denied that Thekla, like any well-bred field mouse, is somewhat on the shy side. She is “bescheiden” as the Dutch would say. And it is true that I have certainly tried – unsuccessfully on a couple of occasions – to avoid being caught and put outside. Why did she think that I had come inside in the first place, if not to get out of the rain? And the space between the inner and the outer tents does present a good hideout which the Resident Alien cannot reach without threatening to overbalance and bring the entire tent down with her. But what self-respecting frog would be afraid of a human, especially one who had moved into our territory?

But that is all beside the point. When we heard that one of the blogs that the Resident Alien reads was written by a cat, we demanded a share in her blog. (Thekla, in particular, was most put-out by being outdone by a cat). For some reason she wasn’t so enthusiastic, and mumbled something about people expecting her to write serious posts about respected theologians (with names I have yet to learn how to pronounce) and that her stats would go down if she were to let us write the sort of frivolous nonsense we would write about. How, I ask you, does she know we would write “frivolous nonsense”? And what would the Desert Fathers say about an ego that is so concerned with blog stats?  Anyway, to make a long story short, after threatening to take over her bedroom (she’s more or less resigned to us being in the chapel-kitchen-study-living “room”, but terrified that she’ll find us in her bed) we settled on a compromise. We get to start our own blog, and she will provide a link to it.  That way, readers who don’t appreciate our wisdom don’t have to read it.

Of course the Resident Alien did point out that this arrangement can’t go on forever as she doesn’t intend spending the Dutch winter in a tent – but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

P.S. I don’t know how often we’ll be able to post – she did mutter something about needing the computer for more important things and this simply being a temporary means of finding light relief from the pressures of being a homeless gyrovague. (I looked up “gyrovague” in the dictionary but couldn’t find it; Thekla says that it means a wandering and/or dislocated monk). But if we threaten enough we may be able to persuade her to put a RSS link to our latest posts in her sidebar.