I hope that this posting on this blog will soon become more regular, but it’s likely to take at least a few more days. I’m posting this from my parents’ dial-up connection, which is incredibly slow, and there are still some practical aspects of life that need to get sorted out before I say more. However, things are taking shape and I hope that I’ll be more settled soon.

Last weekend I visited Deacon Stephen Hayes and his wife Val in Pretoria, and they introduced me to various Orthodox people and places in the Johannesburg and Pretoria area. He posted a report here. It was a good visit, but there are lots of impressions to process!

One other thing worth noting: I’ve only just realised it, but Father Maximos of The Anastasis Dialogue is back – only it’s now called Practical Ecumenism. There are also some very interesting thoughts by Abbot Nicholas on the Reform of the Reform and I look forward to the future posts promised. One of the things that has struck me recently is that it is all-too-easy for Orthodox to think that current Catholic liturgical woes are simply the result of the Second Vatican Council, a view that is far too simplistic. As Abbot Nicholas points out, the roots of the crisis are much deeper.  This was always one of my favourite Catholic blogs and I’m pleased that it’s back.