I really have been quite strict about waiting until I actually earn some money before buying books – and I am going to have to invest in some basic texts when I am able to do so. But I have recently discovered the second hand bookshop at the Anglican Cathedral and, while I restrained myself from many things, decided that I would later regret letting these books get away. Quite apart from their contents, some of them will be fun to restore. (The totally anonymous one is Select Sermons of S. Leo the Great on the Incarnation).

But it was only when I got home that I noticed the following inscription in Father Lev Gillet’s Jesus. A Dialogue with the Saviour (published under his pseudonym of “a Monk of the Eastern Church”):

The prior of Chevetogne at the time was Father Thomas Becquet (I had to look that up) and the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time was Michael Ramsey. I’ve no idea how it got to Cape Town, but it obviously did.