For those who understand French, or sort of understand French, or wish they understood French, or think they should do something to improve their French, or fear that the American dominance of online English-speaking Orthodoxy may lead them to a crisis of faith, or get put off by the glib Orthodoxism of Ancient Faith Radio and company (no offence to Americans intended, and, yes, AFR does occasionally have worthwhile things),

I have just discovered Podcast Orthodoxe Francophone. It is refreshingly free of hype and doesn’t ask for money on the opening page. But it offers a wealth of podcasts which I still have to explore properly, including, among others, interviews with Father Placide (Deseille), Father Boris Bobrinskoy and quite recent interviews on the iconographers Père Grégoire Krug and Léonide Ouspensky, among many other things.

I still need to work out how to download things properly, but this could be a worthwhile way to try and improve my French.