I have recently received some requests asking if I am still making and selling prayer ropes. When I left the Netherlands I had taken down my Prayer ropes page, where I had been selling prayer ropes from. The reason for this was that I had had to close my Dutch PayPal account. I had intended putting it up again once settling here (not that I intend trying to earn a living by making prayer ropes, but it is still a good thing to do, for several reasons) but that has not been so simple as getting a PayPal account in South Africa seems to be more complicated than anywhere else in the world. I should hopefully manage to arrange that in a couple of months’ time. However, I have put up a temporary page in the meantime in case there are people who want to order prayer ropes and are willing to pay by sending Amazon gift vouchers – that would actually help as the same bureaucratic hassle that is delaying me getting a PayPal account is also delaying me getting a credit card, which makes buying online rather difficult. (I actually rather like the idea of a barter economy, although I’m not quite so sure that I like Amazon). I also plan to update the page once I have new photos which show the greater variety of beads now available.