My apologies for neglecting this blog; I hope that posting will become a little more regular before too long. But before it becomes absolutely ancient news I think that it would be good to draw people’s attention to a new documentary on The Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer that Father David Abernethy mentions here. He writes:

A new documentary has been released called the “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer” and is now available through some on-demand cable programming and iTunes. 

Christian monks and nuns appear on film describing and demonstrating their personal prayers of the heart and soul. On a spiritual journey from the Holy lands of Egypt, to Mt. Sinai, Mt. Athos in Greece, Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia, Dr. Norris Chumley and Very Rev. John McGuckin retrace the steps of ancient pilgrims in search of a word of wisdom from the ancient desert and forest dwellers.

Although I enjoyed some parts more than others and would have liked to hear more in depth discussions about the Jesus prayer, it was beautifully filmed and gives the viewer a glimpse of Eastern monastic life and spirituality.

I haven’t watched it yet because for reasons that are too complicated to explain, but it looks worth investigating. And, as an aside, Father David’s Philokalia is once more active and he is posting some worthwhile things on, well, the Philokalia.