In case anyone is interested, I thought that I should perhaps mention that I have a new blog! And it has nothing to do with theology, or Orthodoxy, except for the fact that I have bound some liturgical books and bibles. (I have a priest who is pioneering the translation of liturgical texts into Afrikaans, so that does present some unique binding opportunities!)

The reason for this is that I am exploring the possibility of doing private binding work and so wanted to create an online presence. There are various factors involved in this, including the fact that my job is a contract post and so I need to explore what happens after the contract ends, and the fact that, while I am generally happy at work and like the people I work with, the work itself is not of the highest quality and I would like to keep and develop my skills and do something that I can take pride in, and other factors that I had probably best not speak of at this point. This whole venture is exploratory, and at present is taking up far too much of my time, which is something I am concerned about, but I need to see how it develops.

In any case, if anyone is interested, you can find the new blog here.