I mentioned previously that we were planning to run The Way, the course developed by the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, in Cape Town. I also mentioned that this blog was hibernating, not only because I had been preparing to sell books at a craft market (which went reasonably well for the first time), but also because I was involved in another project. That has taken much longer and been more time consuming than I had expected, but it is now completed – or, probably more accurately, ready to begin.

As part of our preparation for the Way, our Archbishop, His Eminence Archbishop Sergios, had suggested a blog. This was originally envisaged as a page on the Archbishopric’s web site, but that proved to be technically problematic and so I suggested starting a separate blog which would enable us to give more information – but little envisaging how much time it would take! Anyway, I have just made it public and it can be found here. If you are by any chance in Cape Town, and interested, we would love to hear from you. And, if not, please do remember us in your prayers.