Some time ago Joe asked me in a comment if I would post some photos from Robertson, where I go to Church as much as I can. It’s taken me a while to do so, but I finally remembered to take my camera this last weekend, so here are some photos of the Church of Saint Mary of Egypt and its surroundings outside Robertson. It is about 150 km from Cape Town and on the edge of the Karoo. There is more information on the Afrikaans Orthodox website, but, well, it’s all in Afrikaans.

There are more photos on Facebook which, luddite that I am, I’m still trying to find my way around with some hesitation. But I think that they are available to view.

It’s probably obvious by now that I’m not doing much posting on this blog. I keep hoping that that will change as I would at least like to finish off some posts I was busy with, but, well, we’ll have to see as I am simply trying to do too much at the moment.