The Compassion of the Father

Posts from my reading of Boris Bobrinskoy’s The Compassion of the Father. (Crestwood, N.Y., St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2003). (June-October 2009)

Towards a Transparency to the Holy Trinity: The Life and Work of Father Boris Bobrinskoy, by Maxime Egger

Facing Evil and Suffering

1. The Lamb of God Takes upon Himself Human Suffering

2. Love for Enemies in the Gospel

3. The Mystery of Forgiveness

The Liturgy of the Heart

4. The Prayer of the Heart and Suffering

5. The Art of the Invocation of the Name

6. The Inner Eucharist

Towards the Knowledge of God

7. Theology and Spirituality

8. The Theology of Language and the Language of Theology

9. Sacred Tradition and Human Traditions


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