Jonathan of Thicket & Thorp has a must-read post entitled Scattered Thoughts on Liturgy, Saints and Postmodern Discourse in which he discusses the “otherness” of liturgical discourse and concludes

Yes, our language is a mode of power, of coercion and falsification: but it is possible to break through that, into the true Word “spoken in silence” Who breaks up and re-assembles our discourse in the light of His Gospel and saints and in prayer and so on. Where deconstructionism proper can lead to nihilism or irrationalism, the “deconstructing” of Christ leads into the Resurrected Life, from the “death” of language (and author and subject!) into the true life of the Word.

But do go and read the whole post!

Steve Hayes has also added some comments of his own here, which include a reflection on Mennonites and Zionists (Zionists of the South African sort, that is).

It’s just as well I don’t have time to think what this means for the present state of western liturgy, although if I remember correctly Catherine Pickstock had something to say about that.