This page links to sub-pages that link to all the posts in a particular series.

Acquire the Holy Spirit: An Orthodox Understanding of Christian Life

  • Eight part series based on a talk I gave early in 2013

The Compassion of the Father

  • Posts from my reading of Boris Bobrinskoy’s The Compassion of the Father. (Crestwood, N.Y., St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2003). (June-October 2010)

Being as Communion

Louth on the mystical

Discerning the Mystery

Syrian Fathers

  • My reports on the colloquium on the Syrian Fathers in Ghent. (June 2008)

8 Responses to “Completed series”

  1. Phil Sumpter Says:

    This is a good idea. You inspired me to do the same on my blog. It took a day of searching and arranging a year’s worth of posting but I think it’s been worth it. It’ll give some coherence to what is an otherwise mixed assortment.

  2. Br. George Says:

    Sr. Macrina,
    Thank you for this blog, which I just discovered yesterday and have spent too much time reading since then. Some 18 years ago, while doing my own PhD studies, a colleague suggested Discerning the Mystery to me, and it burrowed deep and true. It’s one of those books that stay on my bookshelf. I look forward to walking through it again by reading the entries to your blog and looking over your shoulder.

  3. Macrina Says:

    Br. George,

    Thanks for your comment. I wish that someone had suggested Discerning the Mysteryto me earlier. However, perhaps it’s a case of things being given when one is ready for them! In any case, feel free to comment if there’s anything that strikes you.

  4. […] looking forward gradually to reviewing her promising “Completed Series” as well as subscribing to her new […]

  5. Magdalena Says:

    Hi Macrina. I enjoy the current series on Tradition and silence. Fr Zacharias introduced us recently at the bishop’s chapel in ROndebosch. I would like to make contact via email with you. Regards in Christ. Magdalena

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